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Our Favorite Products

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Here at Lilah Doodles we want nothing but the best for our dogs and puppies. We love and always recommend TLC dog food! We also love that we can set up auto-shipments, for when life gets busy! Click here to learn more about TLC, and their high quality food!


One of our other favorite products is NuVet Supplements. Our dogs get this daily to help improve their immune system. Like Life's Abundance, NuVet also has auto-shipments available. Click here to learn more about NuVet!


We have too many favorites from Amazon to list them one by one. Instead, here is a link to our favorite's list. Click here to head over to Amazon!


Baxter and Bella is an online puppy training program, with a lifetime access! Not only does this program have outlined classes, but there are recorded videos, live weekly classes, free one on one time with a trainer, etc! We have used Baxter and Bella for our doodles, and have loved the program. You can click here to check out their website! We also love this program so much, that we have a discount code for you. Use code "LILAH25" to get a 25% off discount! 

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Diggs crates are an amazing safe option for puppy parents! Their unique mesh siding minimizes the risk of puppies getting their jaw stuck from chewing. Besides being safer for pets, they're also stylish and look great in any room! Click here to check out their website. We love our Diggs, and highly recommend them to our puppy families! Use this link for 10% off your order:

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