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Open Upcoming Litters -

last updated on January 13,  2023

*These are our upcoming litters with availability. If you already have a deposit on a litter and no longer see it, it is because that litter is now fully reserved.*

Lilah's Oh So Sweet Starburst, "Winnie" x Read's Tennessee Whiskey, "Jack"

- Solids/tuxedos (caramel, apricots, reds)

- Ranging from 16-25lbs -- some of our smallest babies yet!!


These babies will be so cute!! They'll be outgoing, confident, people oriented, and  ready for anything! 


Expected delivery: July 2023

Expected go home: September 2023

IMG_0621 2.JPG
Lilah's Number One Girl, "Willow" x True Blue's Park Your Boots, "Parker"

- Partis/Solids/Tuxeds (chocolates, caramels)

- Ranging from 20-30lbs

This will be our 3rd pairing with Willow and Parker! We absolutely love their babies, and couldn't resist pairing them together again. These babies will be people loving, confident, silly, and have the most amazing coats! 

Expected delivery: August 2023

Expected go home: October 2023

Bunji's Life Of The Parti, "Trudy" x Camden Lane's Mr. Bing, "Cooper"

- Rainbow litter!! Soilds/Partis (chocolates, blacks, caramels, reds, apricots)

- Ranging from 30-40lbs

This litter is going to be SO fun!! These babies are going to be so loving and adventurous. If you're looking for a fetch loving, adventure seeking puppy with a great "off switch" for snuggles - this is your pair! 


Expected delivery: September 2023

Expected go home: November 2023

IMG_4054 2.JPG
Bunji's Freedom of Flight, "Piper" x Riverbend's I'm All Smiles, "Milo"

- Partis/Solids (caramels, chocolates)

- Ranging from 30-40lbs

These babies are going to be so silly, loving, and loyal! We have been dreaming of this pairing and can't wait to finally see their babies! 


Expected delivery: September 2023

Expected go home: November 2023

Lilah's Eyes of Jade, "Jade" x Cream Puff's Sullenberger, "Sully"

- Partis/Solids/Tuxedos (caramels)

- Ranging from 25-35lbs

We have been anxiously awaiting the day till Jade becomes a mom - she is loving, loyal, and is always making us laugh. These babies are going to be nothing short of perfection - amazing coats, loving and silly temperaments, and such a great size! 


Expected delivery: September 2023

Expected go home: November 2023

*Upcoming litters: Keep in mind that we are working with mother nature, and as a result, sometimes the timing of heat cycles, or expected litters, don't always go as planned. Lilah Doodles reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned to improve the quality of a litter. Families will be notified if a different stud is being used!*

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