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Open Upcoming Litters -

last updated on June 17, 2024

*These are our upcoming litters with availability. If you already have a deposit on a litter and no longer see it, it is because that litter is now fully reserved.*

Lilah's Oh So Sweet Starburst, "Winnie" x Hunterberry Hill's Granola Boy, "Ollie"

- Caramels and chocolates (all partis - some roans)

- Ranging from 15-25lbs

This will be Winnie's retirement litter! Winnie has some of the happiest, smiliest, most loving babies. They are truly ready for anything and love their people deeply! We couldn't be more excited to pair her with Ollie for her final litter. Ollie is a gentle and sweet boy who would love nothing more than to sit in your lap and snuggle all day long! 

Expected delivery: January 2025

Expected go home: March 2025

*Three reservations remaining*

Lilah's Precious Gem, "Gemma" x Lilah's When The Clock Strikes Twelve, "Levi"

- Caramels (solids, tuxedos, partis - some roans)

- Ranging from 15-25lbs

There are no words to describe how excited we are for this future litter! Gemma is our infamous puppy from Jade's first litter, and Levi is the first boy from our own lines. This litter is going to be one for the caramel lovers! Not only are Gemma and Levi so gorgeous, but they are also so gentle, loving, and level headed. These babies will be amazing for therapy or service work, and will be perfect for any family lifestyle! 

Expected delivery: summer 2025

Expected go home: late summer 2025

*List is open!*

Lilah's Put A Spell On You, "Chloe" x Bunji's Force of Nature, "Murphy"

- Caramels (solids, tuxedos, partis)

- Ranging from 30-40lbs

Oh my, this litter is going to be amazing! Chloe is our showstopper caramel parti - everyone who meets her cannot get enough of her. Murphy is our handsome new boy, with the most amazing coat and temperament. We don't have many medium litters, so if you're looking for a medium this would be a perfect option! Chloe is one of the most naturally calm and gentle girls, just like her mom. We are so excited about these future babies! This litter would be great for therapy and service work! 

Expected delivery: summer 2025

Expected go home: late summer 2025

*List is open!*

*Upcoming litters: Keep in mind that we are working with mother nature, and as a result, sometimes the timing of heat cycles, or expected litters, don't always go as planned. Lilah Doodles reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned to improve the quality of a litter. Families will be notified if a different stud is being used.*

**All of our puppies are $3,500 regardless of size, color, or gender. Puppies are matched to their families at 7 weeks old after temperament testing!**

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