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Guardian Home Program

Updated: May 14, 2024

Guardian Opportunities -

* We are looking for the perfect guardian home for a male coming early June. He will be roughly 30lbs! We don't have opportunities for males often, so if you're interested please contact us. 


* We won't have any opportunities till the end of 2024, however we are always looking for interested families! Please contact us for more information!



What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home allows a family the opportunity to have a breeding quality, pick of the litter Australian Labradoodle, at a reduced price. For Lilah Labradoodles to remain a “kennel free” breeder, we rely on our guardian homes to provide loving homes for our breeding dogs. Labradoodles are family oriented and social dogs that deserve to be in a loving home after leaving the care of our family. 


Guardian dogs will live in your home as your family pet, while we (Lilah Australian Labradoodles) retain the breeding rights. Not only will the family be receiving a “pick of the litter” puppy, but they will also receive a fully health tested dog at our expense. 


All litters will be whelped in our home, and the mother dogs will stay with us for about 7 weeks till the puppies are fully weaned. We allow our momma dogs to wean when they are ready, and never separate them from the puppies too early.  


Once a dog has retired from breeding, they will be spayed/neutered at our expense, and full ownership will be transferred to the guardian family. 


Why do we have a Guardian Home program?

Guardian homes are meant to benefit everyone involved: the dog, breeder, and guardian home. 

  1. The Dog: The guardian program allows our breeding dogs to live in loving homes, and not a kennel. Once their time with us has ended, they already have an established home to return to, rather than rehoming them as adults. 

  2. Lilah Australian Labradoodles: The guardian program gives us the peace of mind that all our dogs are getting the love and attention they deserve, while continuing to grow our program. Unfortunately, we can only keep so many dogs at our home, which is where the guardian home comes into play. 

  3. The Guardian Home: Not only does the Guardian Home have the opportunity to raise a new puppy, but they have a fully tested, pick of the litter puppy at a reduced price. Our puppies are sent around the country, and the guardian home has the opportunity to be a part of that!


Guardian Home Requirements:

  • You must live within one and a half (1.5) hours driving distance of Robinson, TX

  • You must be a homeowner, not a renter

  • You must have a fenced yard. No underground fencing. Dog must must always be leashed in a non fenced area. (Occasionally we will consider a home without a fenced yard, as long as the guardian home agrees to never have the dog off leash when out of a fenced area.)

  • You must feed the food and supplements we recommend and require

  • You must provide regular health and veterinary care, including annual exams and vaccines

  • You must provide professional grooming every 4-6 weeks adhering to the approved cut and style (Liah Australian Labradoodles can groom if wanted)

  • You must provide at least monthly photos so we can see how our dog is maturing. Plus, who wouldn’t want tons of dog pictures?!

  • The dog must not be left at home for more than 4 hours at a time. If one, or both, adults in the home work full time, then arrangements must be provided to allow the dog to receive the proper socialization and exercise

  • You must be able to transport the puppy/dog to us when needed for breeding/health testing/whelping

  • You must provide proper training. Guardian families must complete levels 1 and 2 of basic training by the time the puppy is 9 months, and provide proof of training to us. Levels 1 and 2 are basic level obedience classes that provide socialization, manners, and basic commands that are necessary for a well behaved dog. For families that successfully complete the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, we will give a special gift as our "thank you" to you!


These requirements are simple, and lookout for the wellbeing of our dogs. While the above requirements may seem like a lot written out, they are likely the same things you would be doing for any puppy you purchase. 


If the above requirements seem like something you could do, please feel free to contact us for more information!

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