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About Us

Why Lilah? 
Delilah was the dog that opened our eyes to the heart and love a dog provides. Although Delilah was a Great Dane, not an Australian Labradoodle, she provided a companionship like no other dog had. Delilah had multiple health issues due to improper breeding, eventually leading to passing at only 3 years old. Although she lived a short life, she helped teach us about the importance of proper breeding and raising of puppies. It is our purpose, and hope, here at Lilah Australian Labradoodles to breed healthy, well rounded puppies. We are an ethical dog breeder, breeding only the finest Australian Labradoodles.

Why Australian Labradoodles?
In all our research to find our "perfect dog", we came across the Australian Labradoodle. We were curious to know what separated the Australian Labradoodle from all the other doodle crosses. Australian Labradoodles originated from Australia, and were bred to be therapy and companion dogs. Companionship is their purpose. After all the research on this beautiful, smart, and comical dog, we decided that this was the breed for us. The Australian Labradoodle is an even tempered, allergy friendly, intelligent dog. What else could you ask for in a companion?

Meet Nicohl!
Nicohl is the brains behind the operation. Animals have always been a passion of Nicohl's, and Delilah helped spark that passion. In 2015 Nicohl got Delilah, a skinny rescue Great Dane puppy. All she remembers thinking is: What would happen if she didn't take home this puppy? Would she find a loving home, or end up moving house to house, never really finding her family? Nicohl couldn't let that happen. She took Delilah home, and it all began. Nicohl had grown up on a farm with horses, cows, goats, etc. but had never raised an indoor puppy. After trial and error, Nicohl trained Delilah, who went from a skinny, uncontrollable great dane, to an A+ citizen. During Nicohl's time with Delilah, she graduated nursing school, moved, and started her career as a nurse, all with her dog by her side. While being a nurse is a passion of Nicohl's, dogs are her true calling in life. She devotes all her free time to spend time with her dogs; they do, and go, everywhere with her. Unfortunately, Delilah had multiple health issues. Due to all the back and forth vet visits and medications for Delilah, Nicohl began her research on proper breeding, health testing, and even tempered dogs...that's when she came across the Australian Labradoodle. These dogs are so well balanced! Australian Labradoodles have a way of bringing joy where ever they are; they are so intelligent, outgoing, loving, and such goof balls! It is Nicohl's goal to raise and help educate other families on the wonderful world of dogs, and more importantly Australian Labradoodles.

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